Our Statement to the Metro Atlanta Chamber Regarding the ATL Action for Racial Equity Initiative


Georgia-Pacific applauds the Metropolitan Atlanta Chamber of Commerce for recognizing the important role that business plays in advancing equal rights and addressing racial injustice. GP and all Koch companies are committed to supporting the ongoing struggle to address centuries-long violations of equal rights that persist and have held our country back. 

These have been particularly harmful to Black Americans. Georgia-Pacific appreciates the Chamber’s ATL Action for Racial Equity initiative, and particularly their efforts to mobilize the region’s business community to advance racial equality.

GP will continue to address the institutional injustices holding so many people back in our community and country, and we look forward to cooperating with all those working to make metro Atlanta more vibrant, equitable and inclusive. In addition to racial equality, we embrace equal rights, diversity, and inclusion as values critical to the success of our businesses, as well as our communities and the country.

We recognize that much needs to be done to remove the barriers that prevent people from realizing their potential, especially Black Americans. As such, we welcome the opportunity to partner with the Chamber, share lessons we’ve learned and learn from the experience of others regarding what does and doesn’t work in bringing about racial equality.

To that end, we have been fortunate to work alongside and learn from the many partners and groups we have been supporting for years, including Stand Together, HBCUs, UNCF, Thurgood Marshall College Fund and Youth Entrepreneurs, among others.

We are also continuing our efforts to enhance our HR policies, focus on hiring and retaining diverse talent, educate our employees on social injustice, and provide unconscious bias training. In addition, we are investing further in areas in which institutional injustice is particularly damaging: criminal justice reform, under-served communities, Black entrepreneurs, and education. We look forward to expanding our relationship with the Chamber and working with its new initiative.

To learn more on how we, in partnership with our parent company, Koch Industries, and others are battling injustice, look here.