Starting the Conversation: Our Partners Talk About Social Injustices and What We’re Doing About Them


Koch companies, including Georgia-Pacific, have a long-standing record of working to remove barriers and inequities in our society, and the events of 2020 underscore the importance of that work even more.​

So that we can all learn together, we’ve assembled this special edition” of “Starting The Conversation,” with recent discussions about how Koch companies and our partners continue to work for social justice and to remove barriers that prevent people from realizing their potential. Our featured partners include Stand TogetherUrban SpecialistsHeal America Tour Partners, and special guest Curley Dossman, President, Georgia-Pacific Foundation.​

Stand Together’s Mission 

Tackling complex problems requires a comprehensive approach. Watch this 4-minute video with CEO of Stand Together Brian Hooks as he explains how Stand Together helps social entrepreneurs supercharge their efforts to help people improve their lives. 

Stand Together’s Work to Address Social Injustice

Watch this 7-minute video as Brian Hooks, CEO of Stand Together, updates us on Stand Together’s mission to address social injustice issues across our society. Brian shares that we must do our part to address injustice in our laws and our culture. He also shares an update about the Stand Together partnership with the LeBron James Family Foundation to help break down barriers in education.​

Criminal Justice Advocacy

Alice Johnson, a prominent criminal justice reform advocate, was part of a panel focused on reforming police policy. After serving 21 years in prison for a non-violent drug charge, Johnson was granted clemency by President Trump. Watch this 6-minute video as she shares her story of healing and how she plans to help remove barriers for the incarcerated.

Building Community Relationships

Take a look at this 3-minute video with law enforcement officer Ryan Tillman and CEO of Breaking Barriers United. Ryan discusses how he tries to bridge the gap between law enforcement and community, and how he bases his efforts on humanizing officers and changing the perception of the badge.

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For years, Koch has worked on criminal justice reform, including overcriminalization, policing practices, due process, sentencing and second chances