Satellites protect four million football fields worth of endangered forests


Everyone knows satellites are used for directions on your phone, sports events and weather.  But did you know that Georgia-Pacific is using these “eyes in the sky” to protect endangered forests, home to rare animals, plants and trees?

You may know Georgia-Pacific for making paper towels, plates, cups and toilet paper.  But we also preserve land for birds, bears and other wildlife.  In this the video below meet wildlife biologist Bobby Maddrey, and hear how satellites keep six million acres of forests protected in this unique to GP program. 

Take a deeper look between the trees at Georgia-Pacific’s decade of dedication to forest mapping.

With the combination of forest mapping and the advancement of satellite monitoring, GP is now able to receive automatic alerts if changes happen to tracts of land and to assess vegetation and connect with foresters directly, improving the protection of endangered forests in real-time.

Talk about a touchdown.