Quilted Northern® Acts of Comfort


The Quilted Northern® brand is highlighting everyday people who perform acts of comfort in their communities—ranging from those who provide education through music to those who provide the underserved with warm coats. 

To say thank you to those lending a hand, the Quilted Northern® brand is donating $10,000 to ten different 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations, also known as comfort creators, so they can make an even bigger difference.

Quilted Northern® and independent creative agency Mekanism chose highly localized grassroots organizations in order to create the most impact in local communities across a diverse range of social issues.​​

“We hear stories every day about people all over the country who commit their time, energy, and creativity to bring comfort to their communities where it’s needed most. Little acts of comfort can truly make a big difference, and with that we aimed to create a bigger campaign with Mekanism to shine a light and give support to these people and organizations who are doing so much good. The stories are as powerful as they are comforting, and we hope they’ll inspire others in their own communities as they have inspired us,” said Nicole Cook, Director, Tissue Brand Building at Georgia-Pacific.

The 10 Acts of Comfort

Comfort Cases: Backpacks with comfort items for foster kids.

A Friend of Mind: Offers free yoga and meditation services to youth to combat mental illness and eliminate mental health stigma.​

Bow Wows & Meows: Hospice nurse helps shelter animals get exposure and get adopted.

Haute Healing Foundation: Giving makeovers to chronically ill, homeless and disadvantaged youth.

Everyone On: Computers and Wi-Fi for families in need.​​

Veggielution: Volunteers cultivate and grow crops which are then donated to the hungry.​

One Warm Coat: Provides free coats to any person in need (adults and children) through coat drives.​

My Block, My Hood, My City: Introduces teenagers to places in their own city they’ve never seen or experienced—showing them that their block should not be a boundary.​

Education Through Music: Work with schools to implement music programs as part of the schools’ curriculum.

Danny’s Farm: Special animals for special kids with autism.

Click here​ to watch the full playlist available for each act of comfort.