GP Shares Environmental Commitment With Next Generation


Georgia-Pacific’s mill located in Cedar Springs, Georgia recently held its 13th annual Water Ways Festival at Kolomoki Mounds State Park. Approximately 300 students, teachers, presenters and volunteers participated in fun and interactive lessons to emphasize the many ways water impacts the earth and all living things.

GP Shares Environmental Commitment With Next Generation

What is Water Ways?

Through Water Ways, Georgia-Pacific promotes environmental stewardship and helps young people understand various ways they can contribute to a future with clean and abundant water.

“Water is a precious resource, and it’s important that children are taught to value, protect and conserve it,” stated Cedar Springs Public Affairs Manager Peggy Jaye. “We appreciate the many presenters and community volunteers who join with us to make Water Ways meaningful and successful.”

The Kolomoki park staff offered pontoon boat rides ­- a first-time experience for many of the children who attended Water Ways. Staff members from both Primary Care and LifeBrite Hospital taught them about preventing sickness through hand-washing. The Early County High School science department joined with Family Connection, a local organization that collaborates resources to assist various community needs, to teach students about water sanitation. They included a hands-on “tasty” aquifer activity where edible additives representing certain contaminants or pollutants, like chocolate syrup to represent motor oil, showing the effects of the quality of our drinking water and waterways. Georgia-Pacific employees presented a hands-on papermaking demonstration, pointing out how water is used wisely for processes in our mills.

“We appreciate Georgia-Pacific’s commitment to the environment and education in our community,” stated Michelle Turner, fourth grade teacher at Early County Elementary School.

Terri Lawrence, a fourth grade teacher at Southwest Georgia Academy, also shared “Water Ways is an enjoyable outdoor experience for our students and it greatly enhances what they learn in the classroom about our environment and natural resources–especially water.”

GP Shares Environmental Commitment With Next Generation

“As a Georgia-Pacific employee, I’m proud that my company values environmental stewardship and sponsors an event where I can help children understand the need to protect and conserve water,” said Cedar Springs environmental engineer Alex Thomas.

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