Naheola is a Shining ENERGY STAR®


Chances are you’ve seen the ENERGY STAR® logo on various products, homes and buildings. This stamp of approval is earned by delivering cost-saving energy efficient solutions that lead to a better environment for everyone—having the ENERGY STAR® approval is a big deal.

Georgia-Pacific’s Naheola mill located in Alabama recently completed a project titled Coal Boiler Upgrade to Biomass and was chosen by the ENERGY STAR® Industrial Partners as a Top Project for 2019. Naheola, which produces consumer products such as bath tissue and paper towels, replaced two legacy boilers and created a strategy to produce energy more efficiently. The mill complied with demanding environmental rules related to its power boilers, and rather than simply meeting those requirements, the mill chose to reach higher for environmental excellence.

What the Boiler Upgrade Achieved

Naheola eliminated the use of coal on site, reduced water consumption, emissions and particulate matter—tiny particles in the air that reduce visibility and cause the air to appear hazy. The mill also enhanced the beneficial reuse of boiler ash. This helps the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing the need for landfill disposals.

“Additionally, as a result of the success of the boiler project, Naheola registered for the ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry, a 10% energy intensity improvement within 5 years,” says Mike Younis, Director of Energy Optimization at Georgia-Pacific. “There are only three paper mills in the world that have achieved this challenge—Palatka, Green Bay Broadway, and Muskogee.”

Congratulations to the team at Naheola for their distinguished achievement from the ENERGY STAR® Industrial Partners!