Alabama River Cellulose Receives WHC Conservation Certification

Georgia Pacific

The Alabama River Cellulose mill in Perdue Hill, Alabama, recently received Conservation Certification from the Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC). The certification program recognizes company efforts to create, restore and enhance wildlife habitat on their lands.

The mill worked on the certification process for nearly two years, forming an employee committee in early 2016 to identify projects on the 1,800+ acre mill site that would qualify for consideration by the Wildlife Habitat Council.

The committee, which included employees from the mill as well as GP foresters from the local wood and fiber supply office, focused its efforts on two projects:  a timber management plan and bluebird houses.

The timber management plan outlines how the mill’s pine and hardwood timber stands will be sustainably managed for multiple types of forest products as well as to provide different habitats for species such as white-tailed deer, turkeys and songbirds.

To attract bluebirds, a group of employees built and put up 10 bluebird houses across the mill site and at the wood and fiber supply office.

“We’re very excited about our certification,” says David Lazenby, the mill’s manager of environmental and compliance who leads the employee committee.  “Georgia-Pacific is committed to conservation and we look forward to expanding our program and taking on new projects.”

The Alabama River mill is the seventh GP facility to achieve WHC Conservation Certification.