We Built a Better Box for a Cleaner Planet

Georgia Pacific

Georgia-Pacific is committed to creating innovative solutions that help protect the environment while serving our customers. Greenshield® packaging is one example of how we help reduce waste that ends up in landfills.

The corrugated box is a tremendous recycling success story, with 92.7 percent of corrugated packaging recovered for recycling in 2016. But items that need moisture‐resistant packaging have traditionally been shipped in wax‐coated corrugated boxes, which are non‐recyclable. Not only do these boxes contribute to an increase in the amount of material in landfills, but companies also must pay to have them hauled away.

Enter GP’s Greenshield® , a fully recyclable alternative. Greenshield® provides the moisture resistance needed for long‐term refrigerated storage of produce, poultry and seafood while reducing the amount of corrugated packaging that goes into the waste stream. 

The development of Greenshield® was led by Georgia‐Pacific’s Innovation Institute® with help from the GP Sterling off‐line coating operations. Our process treats the roll of paper with a functional coating applied to the paper that will become the box liners.

“The box has a special industry‐approved label that is intended to let the end user know it’s recyclable,” says Patrick Smorch, director of packaging sustainability. 

How can Greenshield® packaging benefit customers? First and foremost, it keeps water out and reduces transmission of water vapor through the base. It also prints well and seals tight with hot‐melt or cold‐set adhesives. Its structural integrity means those grapes, melons, peppers and poultry stay protected. It’s peachy for peaches, and fish travels swimmingly in this packaging, too.

A plus for growers and packers is that Greenshield® packaging allows their retail customers to turn the expense of waxed corrugated disposal into revenue by selling them for recycling. And with Greenshield® they can demonstrate their environmental commitment to customers and consumers.

Saving money and cleaning up the planet: It’s all in the box.