3 Fun Facts About the New Talladega Lumber Facility

Georgia Pacific

Back in 2017, GP announced its substantial investment of $100 Million into a new Talladega Lumber facility. After just nine months of construction, the mill is finally here! To gain a deeper understanding of how monumental this new development is, here are three fun facts about Talladega’s new lumber mill.

The new Talladega Lumber facility is 300,000 square feet

Despite the massive size of the new Talladega mill, the electrical usage (per mbf) produced is a 25‐44% improvement from a much smaller and older one. The mill also houses three kiln lines that are 25‐30% more energy efficient than batch kilns in older mills. In addition to the kilns, there is a warehouse that holds up to 4 million feet of lumber.

Ever wonder what can fit into 300,000 square feet?

  • Two football fields
  • 3.1 Million large pizzas
  • 40,984 Standard‐size refrigerators

Talladega’s new mill will produce approximately 300 million board-feet of lumber per year

This amount of lumber could build over 20,000 homes in one year with approximately 50 truckloads of lumber that will be shipped out each day. While this is a considerable amount of lumber, sustainability and environmental impact is still at the forefront of this project. There are more acres of forest in AL today than in 1926. Since the year 2000, there have been 360,000 additional acres of timberland planted in Alabama. For every ton of timber harvest, 1.55 tons of new growth are added to Alabama’s forests annually.

GP now has eight facilities in Alabama

With all the lumber being produced, it’s no question that a considerable number of employees are needed to run the mill. After all, the new facility receives an average of 150 log trucks a day, 54 chip trucks a day, 17 sawdust trucks a day, 18 bark trucks a day, 14 shavings trucks a day, and 50 lumber trucks a day.

GP makes up more than 50% of the workforce in Talladega, AL and now has a running total of over 2,300 employees that represent an additional 8,600 indirect jobs. The brand‐new lumber mill employees more than 120 full‐time employees with 29 different specialty jobs. GP and Talladega County, the city of Talladega and the State of Alabama have a strong partnership. The construction of the new facility has an estimated impact of $26 million on The City of Talladega.

Talladega's new mill will produce approximately 300 million board-feet of lumber per year.