MLK 50th Anniversary Remembrance

Georgia Pacific

Around the world, people are reflecting this week on Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr.’s life and work as part of MLK50, a commemoration of his tragic death 50 years ago on April 4. From Georgia‐Pacific’s Atlanta headquarters, you can take a short walk in any direction and see reminders of Dr. King – from his birthplace to his college alma mater. Likewise in Atlanta and Memphis, we are supporting MLK50 activities including the National Civil Rights Museum’s “MLK50–Legacy Remembered mobile exhibit.”

We are a community of people who value respect, service to others, change and progress. We understand the importance of remembering and celebrating Dr. King’s dream.

On this special anniversary, we asked employees in Atlanta and Memphis to share their reflections on Dr. King and how his vision and message has impacted their lives.

I am moved by hearing the heartfelt thoughts of our employees and their experiences. These reflections embody what Dr. King worked so tirelessly to achieve during his life.

Please join me in celebrating Dr. King’s legacy and also recognizing the employees who shared their stories of remembrance.

Christian Fischer

President and CEO, Georgia-Pacific