Invoice Rejection Notification

Suppliers in the Ariba Network will receive rejected invoice and/or credit memo notifications directly through the Network for correction and resubmission. For instructions on how to view the status of an invoice in the Ariba Network click here.

Suppliers not in the Ariba Network may be contacted by Georgia-Pacific’s Invoice Processing Team or a buyer depending on the reason for rejection. Click here to review the rejection codes used for invoices that do not meet minimum requirements and guidance on the action to take.

If rejection notifications are not being received, contact to verify the email address on file and update if needed. Georgia-Pacific encourages suppliers to use a shared mailbox for these notifications when possible.


For a payment status on an invoice please contact our Customer Support Team at You will receive a work item ID in response to your email, keep this email until your work item has been resolved. If needed, use the email with the work ID number to obtain a status update on your request.

For payments received without remittance advice, contact and include the following information:

  • Payment reference number
  • Date of payment
  • Amount of payment
  • Facility/business payment relates to

To update the email address where EFT remittance is sent, email with the new email address.

To update banking information please contact and provide the following documents:

  • Tax ID W9 form
  • Copy of a voided check or company banking information on your bank’s letter head


Georgia-Pacific does not review supplier statements unless specifically requested. Please submit the listing of items (invoices/credits) via an Excel spreadsheet to and specifically request payment status for the items.

Suppliers on the Ariba Network should look up their invoice status through the Ariba Network. Click here for more information on viewing an invoice status in the Ariba Network.

Contact Customer Support

For all inquiries regarding payments and previously submitted invoice(s), please contact and include the following information in your request.

  • Invoice number
  • PO number
  • Facility/business related to the invoice
  • Original invoice submission date
  • Invoice copy (optional)