GP and Purchase Order Processes

What Do These Changes Mean To Me If I’m A Supplier?

Changes to Georgia‐Pacific Consumer Products Group (CPG) procurement processes are an important step in implementing a new platform to take advantage of today’s technology. These changes will also automate many of our business processes. These changes are designed to allow our teams to spend more time working with you on value-added activities like defining work scope, warranties, performance guarantees, etc. and less time on manual transmission of documents. Our goal is to ensure we are more efficient and transparent in our interactions with our supply base.

What If I Only Accept Checks Or Credit Cards?

GP uses P‐cards if necessary, however, changes to our procurement processes are intended to minimize their use in day‐to‐day business. We encourage all suppliers to work with the appropriate local purchasing representative in establishing a purchase order process based on available methods of payment.

What If I Don’t Have An Email Address?

Because this transformation will streamline our transactions, we highly recommend that you establish an email platform for your organization and provide this information to your GP representative.

Do I Need An Account With Ariba To Continue Business With GP?

One aspect of our transformation includes implementing The SAP Ariba Invoice Management Module to manage our invoices. You will receive specific communications regarding this process from GP. If you are currently using Ariba to receive or acknowledge POs you will be required to continue using this platform.  If you are not currently engaged with Ariba you will not be required to change your processes at this time; however you may receive specific communications regarding this process from GP in the future”

Does This Apply To All Georgia‐Pacific (GP) Locations?

This applies only to our CPG locations. A list of these locations can be found on the Supplier website.