Ariba Network Enabled Suppliers

Ariba Network Enabled Suppliers

Georgia-Pacific is transforming our procure-to-pay processes by partnering with SAP Ariba to fulfill our vision of moving away from paper and manually transmitted documents (transactions). In support of streamlining processes and creating transactional efficiencies, Georgia-Pacific is committed to utilizing and expanding our usage of the Ariba Network.


Value of the Ariba Network

The Ariba Network is a third-party platform that facilities the exchange of documents (transactions) electronically between Georgia-Pacific and the supplier.

Georgia-Pacific suppliers on the Ariba Network should experience:

  1. Better collaboration
  2. Increased visibility
  3. Transactional efficiencies
  4. Streamlined procure-to-pay processes

Training Documents

How to Confirm an Entire Order How to Create Invoice for Entire PO Functional Training PO Flip
How to Confirm/Update Line Items How to Invoice Header Information Ariba Network Value
How to Invoice Line Items Connection Methods
How to Create a Credit Memo Routing and Invoice Statuses
How to search an invoice
How to review invoice history
How to review invoice Remittance

If an invoice is submitted via email for an Ariba Network enabled PO, it will be rejected and will need to be submitted through the Ariba Network.

Connect with Georgia – Pacific

If you are currently transacting on the Ariba Network with other customers and would like to connect with Georgia-Pacific, please provide the following information to with the subject line “ANID – Connection Needed”.

  • Company Legal Name
  • Ariba Network ID # (ANID)
  • Business and/or technical points of contact/li>
  • Tax ID