Bucket Brigade Educational Materials

The Georgia-Pacific Bucket Brigade™ partnered with the Cobb County (Ga.) Fire & Emergency Services' Fire Safety Division to develop a variety of engaging, entertaining and practical educational materials for teachers and parents.

Educational Materials:

Printed versions of the following are available by submitting a request to GPBucketBrigade@gapac.com

Coloring Book (PDF: 2MB/20pgs.): A fun way to teach children all aspects of fire safety, from household hazards, such as hot stoves, to putting out clothing that catches fire. Written in simple English and Spanish, it also contains safety checklists and quizzes to reinforce important points.

Workbook (PDF: 3MB/32pgs.): Using a combination of theory, practical examples, quizzes, games and illustrations, the workbook makes an excellent reference and teaching tool. Students start by learning the “anatomy of a fire,” delve into fire safety prevention planning, receive lessons on health issues – including the different types of burns and their treatment – and wind up with important lessons on general safety.

Bookmark (PDF: 928MB/1pg): Fire truck bookmark featuring fire prevention tips and what to do in case of a home fire.

The following are available as downloadable PDF’s only:

Teacher Guide (PDF: 74KB/24pgs.):  A comprehensive planning tool for making the best use of the materials, tips for communicating key lessons and ideas for incorporating lessons into the overall school curriculum.

Family Safety:

Parents play a vital role in the safety education process. While children learn the basic lessons at school, it’s up to parents to turn ideas into reality through action in the home. There are also secondary benefits to safety education: as the kids learn, so do their parents, thereby improving the family’s overall safety.


The following are available as downloadable PDF’s only.

Fire Safety Checklist (PDF: 124KB/2pgs.): A combination of practical ideas and simple quiz questions create an easy-to-use tool for making the home safer.

Home Escape Plan (PDF: 124KB/2pgs.): Discussion guide and plan for escaping the home during a fire.