Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia‐Pacific (GP) is one of the world's leading manufacturers and marketers of building products, tissue, packaging, paper, cellulose and related chemicals. The company employs more than 30,000 people at approximately 300 locations in North and South America.

GP is a company committed to managing operations and developing, producing, distributing, and marketing products in a manner that protects the environment, as well as the safety and health of its employees, customers, contractors, and communities in which we operate. GP is committed to full compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations, and we strive to efficiently utilize materials, natural resources, and energy in a manner that supports sustainable growth. In order to meet these commitments, continuously reduce our environmental impact, and improve the overall sustainability of our operations, we are looking for the best industry talent!

Environmental Entry‐Level Program (Full‐Time)

The Environmental Entry‐Level Professional (ELP) program is an unprecedented training and skill-building
opportunity, designed to prepare college graduates for a successful long-term career with Georgia‐Pacific as an
Environmental Compliance Manager. Immediately after beginning employment with Georgia‐Pacific, you will
launch your career in Atlanta, Georgia with a 3‐month orientation to our company, Market-Based Management
(MBM®), and exposure to corporate leadership and capability teams.

Following orientation in Atlanta, Environmental ELP's will receive a field assignment in one of GP's nearly 300 manufacturing facilities, where you will receive hands‐on, experiential training and practical application for GP's Environmental policies.

ELP's will typically spend 12‐24 months in this field assignment, gaining exposure to subject matter experts and key leaders in our manufacturing facilities, and engaging with GP's Environmental Team through various assignments.

After this initial field assignment as an ELP, the most traditional career progression is a promotion to an Environmental Compliance Manager role, based at another manufacturing facility. Other opportunities for promotion may include a role in: Environmental Permitting, Engineering and Design, Remediation, Compliance, Auditing, or Training.

ELP Program

A day‐in‐the‐life of an ELP may entail:

  • Developing and managing training programs
  • Assisting in design, management, and permitting projects in air, water, waste, and remediation
  • Supporting implementation of management systems to maintain sustainable practices
  • Participating in internal auditing programs
  • Supporting continuous improvement by identifying and mitigating environmental risks

*Ability and willingness to relocate is required for consideration