Foley Cellulose: Our Environment

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Foley Cellulose is committed to environmental sustainability and stewardship through every stage of our business to produce products used to improve consumer health, hygiene and well-being. By using environmentally conscious production practices, we maximize the use of renewable raw materials. While adhering to sustainable fiber procurement practices, we can ensure the viability of our environment for future generations.

Fenholloway Water Quality Project

The Fenholloway Water Quality Project will complete significant process improvements and upgrades that will enhance wastewater treatment system at Foley Cellulose within the next five to seven years, and relocate the treated effluent away from the existing discharge point to approximately 1.5 miles from the mouth of the Fenholloway.  The water quality improvements that will result from this project will move the Fenholloway River system to Class III standards, acceptable for recreational uses.

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